The power of a pet

The power of a pet

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From energetic to cleverness, friendly and protective, any animal lover will tell you that pets are amazing. Animals have great abilities that make their bond with the humans, even stronger. They can emotionally support you in hard times, prevent incidents, predict health problems or even find their way home from miles away. You can say their noses and hearts are special. And they are.

“Clearly, animals know more than we think and think a great deal more than we know.” Irene M. Pepperberg

They have their ways of reaching one’s heart better than humans.

For a person who is emotional hurt, is way easier to interact with a pet than with a human. It’s well known that animals love you unconditionally. I often hear that animals come into our lives to teach us how to care, respect and love each other without asking anything in return.

Also is known that animals can help with so many problems that humans face. And this is often seen as a therapy. Just watch a grumpy person about to pet a puppy. It is likely that her/his mood will change within minutes if not seconds.

Animals make you feel good, in ways that can improve your health, even help you take time in understanding and healing your emotional wound.

Animal-assisted therapy

Nowadays, more and more countries promote and encourage animal-assisted therapy because of the effects on mental and physical health.

And so does my friend, Simona Tudor, who is specialized in animal-assisted therapy. She chose this vocation because she felt that in hard times a pet can help you when dealing with an emotional blockage and even change the way you live. Besides, Simona loves children and animals and so, she has decided to give more to her community, along with her loyal dog, Gizmo.

She talks with passion about her projects and her work in animal-assisted therapy, and reading parents’ feedback, can only support her progress and encourage people to benefit from this therapy.

Simona has created a professional and friendly environment and she is specialized to apply this kind of therapy on people with special needs. Each therapy is well defined, with clear and established objectives and procedures.

Animal-assisted therapy sessions for children in need are always created in collaboration with parents. The purpose of the first sessions aims to familiarize the beneficiary with the therapeutic environment, during which time the stage of development will be identified and the problems to be addressed through the recovery process will be established.

The therapy sessions are recorded to monitor the activity and to study the evolution of the beneficiaries, improving the techniques during the interventions.

See more about Simona’s work here: Therapy Animals

Benefits of having a pet

We are often, if not always, welcomed home by our pets with joy (not sure about cats, they’re too lazy for that if you know what I mean). If one has an energetic pet, it’s likely that playfulness and exercises are encouraged. After a long day of work, you will go out for a walk with your dog, and that will benefit you both.

Your pet can reduce your anxiety and depression and make you feel unconditionally loved. It’s also a fact that having pets can promote social interactions and reduce one’s loneliness. There are even trained animals that can sniff one’s sickness, preventing incidents that can harm the human.

Studies have shown that trained pets can detect certain cancers or low blood sugar. They can also predict seizures and warn about possible threats, even decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Special bond

The benefits of having animals around have always been there, and humans have shared this special bond since ancient times.

Playing or simply watching an animal, can make us less stressed. On your way home or going to work, if you see an animal, stop for a moment, play or watch, it will charge your batteries and most likely set you in a better mood. Because animals can lower the level of cortisol and increases the production of serotonin.

Also, the benefits of a child interacting with an animal are even greater. Besides the fact that pets can improve a child’s health, they can also teach children how to share, care and manage emotions.

Therefore, animals can provide, protect and teach us how to do same.

That is why many clinics have brought trained animals. People interact with them in their process of healing or simply charge their hearts with affection. I think there is a trick. In order to receive one has to believe. And a pet can help you with that too.

Even my father who often acts cold, all his life has accepted animals and he is relaxed around them. He had a farm with horses, also cats, and dogs and I can happily say I benefited million times being around animals as they always improved my mood.

We effect the same physiological changes in our pets as they do in us.

I’ve learned that after a difficult day, a pet can make you feel loved. In fact, any doctor will tell you that living with animals brings certain health benefits. They even boost your immunity and also may help children grow without developing allergic diseases.

From assisted-animal therapy anyone can benefit, regardless of age or background as long as they like animals and they don’t have any physical or mental affections that can make the interaction difficult or impossible.

Obviously, one who suffers from asthma, allergies to animal hair, epilepsy or a severe sickness of the immunity system can’t benefit from this therapy.

But animals will always be there for you without asking anything in return. Almost, cause they do require you sharing food and snuggles 🙂

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