Attitude, the golden key to success

Attitude, the golden key to success

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Have you ever wondered what makes the difference in people’s lives? How come he has what you would only dream of? How come others build up what you had in mind? What makes some push forward?

This is not about thinking positive and waiting for a miracle. This is about sweat and pain.


It’s all because of the fact that you are not the only one with dreams playing on and on in your brain. The difference between you and those who take action is that they do not overthink. They visualize, decide, plan and progress and when they fail, they fail big and not once. When failure happens to them, they get back up. Why?

Well, it’s the understanding of the fact that failure is part of the process. Some see it as a lesson. When death can’t threaten you anymore, then you start, really start living. There is no man on Earth who has made it without learning some lessons first.

Until when to face failure? Until you get it right. For how long to learn? For as long as you breathe. You have every right to keep trying, and if you really want something, it’s worth waking up while others are still sleeping. It’s worth doing it wrong until you get it right, as someone said.

You’ve failed at one step in your journey? Great! Now you know what does not work. Get back up and try again. It’s unlimited what you can do, human capacities are beyond imagination. Don’t  build up time to pour excuses in your mental factory.


What are you waiting for? What holds you down? First of all, if you feel something holds you down, change the way you think, walk and breathe. Change your habits, see new places or make new friends.  No matter the situation, even those with empty pockets can score big. Someone told you “you can’t do it”, someone laughed at you. Remember, is their perspective, their experiences trying to talk you out. Their perspective is not yours. The moment you acknowledge your uniqueness, you will be capable to overcome your weakness.


Your family, friends, people around you, those will be the first to bring you down. From them you will hear your first: “You can’t do it! It’s impossible!” or “You aren’t rich enough, strong enough, tall enough!”

But here you are, it is you who can decide in the end what to do. You have many, many moments in life when you find yourself facing a crossroad.
Where to go? What to do? What if? In these moments you can cut your own branch by saying “I’ve got kids to look after”, “my life is complicated, can’t move on now”, “don’t have the resources”, “who’s going to support me?”, “don’t have time for my own goals”, “goals? what’s that?”
Or simply rethink the process and say “it does not matter how much I have to work for it, satisfaction will speak in the end”.

There is always a way

Get rid of “I don’t know”. Find out! If you think there is no way, it’s just because in reality you are stuck. You are afraid, scared, tired, and pushed down. It is normal to experience all sorts of feelings even negative ones as long as you do not ignore them but understand them.

Challenge yourself. Push yourself forward. You say you don’t know what you’re good at. Well, people who believe so, are those who have not spent enough time with themselves, who have not explored enough to build up new skills, new ideas. Those are the people who have one route: home-work and back to their pillow. And maybe is nothing wrong with that if they would have a higher purpose and not living for the money, living for others or building up others’ lives.

Someone once said that “those who have no goals will work for those who have.” On which side are you?
Everybody has dreams and so do you, but if you do not visualize them if you do not come up with a decision, do not acknowledge, understand and come up with a strategy, you will end up with nothing but dreams. How far can you reach if you haven’t even stretch yourself?

Stay out of your comfort zone!

The difference between “I can’t” and “I can” is given only by your own perspective. The way you think, your reality takes shape. You are the difference, the driver of your own life. How your life is right now, does not define your future, is just what it is, a stage. Make sure you’re giving your all, and that is enough. We all have a story behind and many have faced different obstacles, failed or suffered.

Some of us got back up. Some of us refused to stay safe, to feel comfortable, to get those three meals per day and have a nice warm blanket over the bed. That would probably make us live long and get to that 100 years old. But is this what you are looking for?
If that’s it, I can draw and paint your life right now, I don’t even need too many colors, actually, there will be no need for colors in this picture just because there is no life in it. So ask yourself how you want to live, as we all get in the end to the same place and you owe it to yourself to at least try and make the way there spectacular, make it different.
Stop yourself from whatever you are doing and answer to this: what is the focus of your life?


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