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Daily discipline

“Told you, is not gonna work”, is an excused we all heard or said at one point in life. It’s not about waiting to get motivated or quitting if it doesn’t feel good. It’s about doing what feels right in your heart and being aware of those automatic negative thoughts. And since our mind influences every aspect of our life, how we feed it, train it, shape it every day, leads to the desired results.


We are all on a path. Some are on a trip, some are on a journey. Some walk on a predictable path with little lousy results. And others push it harder despite the fact that they have failed so many times. It takes consistency and challenge to get to the transformation most of us want. But how do we get there?


Dayscipline is focusing on three connected aspects of life: Personal Development, Relationship, and Parenting. You can’t build a relationship if you haven’t put a single brick on your self-development first and you can’t just create life and provide guidance, support, and love if the walls of your relationship are not strong and made of the same ingredients.


In a world where everything moves so quickly, we begin to drift, we become lost. We constantly seek for motivation and inspiration and what we get is temporary satisfaction. Most of us will commit to action when they feel motivated but quickly will stop at the first sign of discomfort. Discipline teaches us to separate what we feel from what it is, it strengthens our skills and makes us resistant to turbulence and pain. Pain will come anyway, but with discipline, we take responsibility and understand the consequences, we recover our self and stay on the course. Keep changing your approach, be obsess about what you want, focus on it continuously and have that much emotion about it that you take massive action.


We have to show up in order to learn but many of us fear of making mistakes, of opening up or getting hurt. Many of us hold on to their limitation and unhealthy beliefs, getting the same lessons. We all have potential, but what always stays between action and result is our own belief. When we believe is not going to work, or we are uncertain, it affects our energy and actions. We won’t put a lot of energy if we think it’s gonna fail. And many think they failed before they have even started.

Personal Development

“I never lose,
either I win or learn.”


“I understand that we’re smarter than me. That’s one reason I like the idea of sharing.”


“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

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